Scholarship Information

Two Scholarships will be awarded for the Tractor Trailer Driver 480 Hour program. The scholarships will be valued at 25% ($2750) of the $10,800 tuition, and 25% ($3250) of the $13,000 tuition.

Selection Criteria of the PA Cooperative Education Association Scholarship Awards Program:

All Students to be considered must be an active member of a Vocational Cooperative Education, or recognized Registered Apprenticeship or Co-op Work Based Tech Prep Program in Pennsylvania and graduating by June of the year in question.
Cooperative Education Coordinator must support student's candidacy with an active Training Plan relating the student's work experience.
Submission of application with supporting documents.
All student applications will be submitted by March 24, and screened for grouping, insofar as scholarships that are available: i.e., business, trade, or technical.
From the documentation submitted by Cooperative Education Coordination, the Scholarship Committee will select a maximum of three (3) finalists per scholarship available.
Finalists will be required to present themselves for an interview with the Scholarship Awarding Committee.
Scholarship Awarding Committee will make final selection of scholarship winner along with the first and second runners-up.
Please include all documentation and information together, with submission of application.
Coordinators need not be members of the Pennsylvania Cooperative Education Association (PCEA) to submit application of student candidates.

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