Driven by Excellence ... Measured by Quality

Since its inception in 1986, the Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) has become the foremost advocate of optimum standards and professionalism for entry level truck driver training in North America -- Standards developed by the trucking industry.

The PTDI serves as an independent agent for voluntary certification of entry-level commercial truck driver training courses at public and private training school. The certification process includes an on-site visit by an evaluation team who verifies that the school has high standards in the following areas: course administration, curriculum, instructors, training, vehicles, instruction, student evaluation and testing, outcomes, and records.

Who Benefits from PTDI Certification Standards?

Students who are assured that they will receive training that meets industry and safety standards and provides an inside track to high paying jobs.

Funding Organizations who are assured that the training is based on national skill standards developed by the trucking industry is constantly evaluating the quality of training and that the graduates will find employment paying high wages.

Motor Carriers who are assured that graduates from PTDI-approved courses have been trained to national standards and will prove to be professional drivers who have fewer accidents and bring more satisfied customers.